10 Facts About Deathstars

In 2004, they blew up the music scene with their mix of Black, Death, Goth, Electro and a vibrant image. After that, there was only an upsurge in ever-growing popularity and new achievements. Entire legends go about the group, so we decided to collect and bring here the most interesting of more or less reliable facts. So…

  1. Deathstars members began their career with death metal. Whiplasher, aka Andreas Bergh (vocals), Nightmare Industries, aka Emil Nodweidt (guitar) – members of the now defunct death metal band Swordmaster, and Bone W Machine, aka Ole Oman (drums), was part of Dissection.
  1. Deathstars’ first live performance was a collaboration with Dimmu Borgir.
  2. Deathstars’ debut album, “Synthetic Generation”, was first released only in Sweden. And for almost a year, musicians could not publish it abroad. This was due to the specific work of Universal Records, which is Sweden’s largest record label.
  3. The video clip “Synthetic Generation” was not allowed to be shown by one of the Swedish channels.
  1. Whiplasher has been a journalist since he was 17 and has been writing articles for Cosmopolitan for quite some time. And his sister is the chief editor of Glamor magazine.
  1. At almost every concert performance, Deathstars shock the audience, kissing each other.
  1. Whiplasher tattoos are not typical for a musician. Two stars on the elbows, on the left hand “Mom-Dad”, a rose on the chest and flowers on the right hand. Whiplasher himself says this: “I try to avoid any metal cliches when choosing tattoos. Therefore, I love patterns that are related to my family or Swedish nature. ”
  1. Emil’s brother, John Nodtweidt, a member of the famous Dissection, was sentenced to 10 years in 1997 for killing Algerians. He was released from prison ahead of schedule in 2004.
  1. The group has its own studio – Black Syndicate, which besides them recorded the last album Dissection.
  1. Deathstars musicians do not like comparisons of their music with The Kovenant and Manson’s.




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