From board games and comic books to real UA Heroes: FANCON, a festival for pop culture fans, will be held in Kyiv


On June 8-9, 2024, Kyiv will host the FANCON festival for the first time.


FANCON is 15,000 square meters of an amazing mix of worlds and cultures. 

A festival of contemporary pop culture made by fans for fans. 


For fans of movies and TV shows, anime and manga, computer games and creative industries! For true geeks of all ages and beyond!

Test new board games or join gaming tournaments at FANCON!

Relax, socialize, meet like-minded people. Because you are “among your own” at the FANCON festival!

Flip through the latest editions, look at the covers, choose books, comics, graphic novels and manga for your own library! 

What you can find at FANCON 2024?

  • Cool themed locations for bright photos and communication
  • Cosplay & K-Pop Cover Dance Show on the main stage with a total prize fund of 100,000 UAH
  • Meetings with Ukrainian and international authors of fantasy, science fiction, and horror
  • 1500 square meters for comic book publishers, manga and artists’ alley
  • Presentations and tournaments for video game fans
  • More than 1000 square meters for board games 
  • More than 40 games from 9 role-playing clubs, communities, and projects at the tabletop role-playing games (DnD) platform
  • The opportunity to meet your favorite bloggers from the Ukrainian side of YouTube
  • Communication with real Ukrainian superheroes in the UA Heroes sector
  • Geek Bazaar: more than 80 shops with themed goods and gifts on 1000 square meters
  • Delicacies at the food court
  • Premiere of a brand-new symphony concert by LUMOS Orchestra

Your favorite fantasy worlds come to life at FANCON!

A separate goal of the festival is to raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the organizers will provide maximum assistance to FANCON participants who will hold gatherings at the event location: they will allocate space and help to organize an original themed event for this purpose.


The FANCON team includes people who have created and are creating Comic Con Ukraine, New Year’s Eve at St. Sophia, Eurovision 2017, Otobe, Videozhara, K-POP UNITE FESTIVAL and other festivals and public events, as well as the founding writers of the YouTube project Fantastic Talk(s).


The festival will take place at the International Exhibition Center. IEC is a modern world-class complex for holding events at the highest level. It has the largest temporary shelter that can accommodate more than 10,000 people, complete independence from weather conditions and more than 10,000 square meters for stands, photo zones, stages, thematic sectors, the design of which can only be limited by imagination.


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