About us

Gothica magazine was founded by Andrey Featon in 2006 as a print publication in cooperation with Ukrainian Gothic Portal. Aesthetics of the Gothic, avant-garde and dark romantic aspects of art. The publication covers all the versatility of Gothic and dark culture from Gothic music (gothic rock, gothic metal, industrial, ebm, dark folk, dark ambient, neoclassical, love metal, darkwave, dark electro, synth pop, folk metal, future pop, dark trance, ritual, noise), literature and cinema in different styles (modern & post-modern, avant-garde, dark romance, fantasy, non-standard, thriller & suspense, apocalyptic, decadence, psycho, existence), as well as photos (dark erotic , fetish, industrial) to painting, architecture and much more. The most famous and unusual groups, the most famous and shocking names, exquisite art and intellectual literature, all this can be read on the pages of this magazine.