Language: Ukrainian
Pages: 140
Design: Featon

The issue features interviews with Sven Friedrich (Solar Fake), Sidus Atrum, Meat Beat Manifesto and Dawn of Ashes. Article about the 18th anniversary of the magazine. Great material and photos from the backstage of the Within Temptation feat. Alex Yarmak in Kyiv.
A complete guide to the Faine Misto 2024 festival where you will find material about all participants. Guide to Gothica Fest 2024 and its participants: Vinky & Spalachy, Mnishek, Season of Melancholy, Violet Raymoor, Hyperhate, Kolor Nochi, DarkCrystals, Ramona, Skriten, Diana and Clover, Alice Van Scott, Featon.
Photo report from the Fancon UA festival. Summary of tours in Ukraine by: Telema, True Tough, Tsvyah, Zwyntar, Schizogen.