Gothic post-punk band Final Body released their debut LP “Notyng”

Today I’ve heard cool gothic post-punk band called Final Body. They released their debut album “Nothyng” just a couple weeks ago. I’m excited to share more about it with you (just endlessly playing album’s songs again and again) as part of our new initiative to cover young and talented bands from around the world.

These amazing Seattle-based band seemed to be pulled out straight from the era of the early Bauhaus and Fields Of The Nephilim. Just with a nice pinch of modernized retro, driving danceable rhythms and gloomy vocals which creating an adorable sound of their songs.

A powerful effect throughout the whole album and successfully combining drive with calm.

Satin and Lose Health, just stuck in my head. Besides, guys created a cozy low-fi clip for the second track. You should check it out.

This post wasn’t paid. I really liked the album so much. Besides guys are also famous on the French and American radio stations. Check comments below their video on youtube to make sure. But ok, if you think “oh, man, this is pop music” or something like “what kind of gothic is that, man? Just ordinary post-punk band” or you have something else to say. Please write me down below in the comments your thoughts. We can discuss it.

So that’s it for now, but I want to draw your attention to the fact that we, unconditionally, fully, support the local Gothic music scene. And our initiative dedicated to young musicians from around the world which means precisely “from around the entiiiiire world.”

So if you are a musician and want the Gothic Magazine community to hear you, please send your tracks to us in private messages in the group @gothicamagazine.