Legendary Evanescence Returns to Kyiv with New Album!

They are one of the premier Gothic rock bands of 2000s. Their clips constantly rotated in the rotation of Ukrainian and foreign channels. Their songs were listened to by little boys and girls who now work serious jobs or have families.

Want to know how popular they are? Shout to the crowd in the street: “WAKE ME UP”. And a few people will tell you exactly, “WAKE ME UP INSIDE.” It’s Evanescence and they come to Kiev to give a big solo concert.

Date – September 20, location – Stereo Plaza.

Evanescence to present Syntesis album in Kiev. This is a favorite of all compositions, only in the new treatment, played with a full symphony orchestra.

“I used to dream big. The idea came up with just one thought: “How cool it will be to make new versions of songs with orchestra and electronic elements.” It all turned into a big snowball pretty quickly, thanks to our experience, as well as the professionals who supported the idea, ”says Evanescence, Amy Lee, the front man.

Lee added that she was extremely pleased to re-work on those tracks that had already been tested over time: “These compositions have long lived their lives. I got a whole new experience, remembering how I worked on them when I was 20 and now I was 35 ”.

Syntesis is striking in its scope. Songs that were previously considered loud and emotional have gained new strength. With them, they began to sound louder and more emotional several times. As noted in the band, the album became a good example of how to pump the past and show clear prospects for the future. Syntesis, like the previous releases of Evanescence, which sold at 25 million, was successful. He was in the top 10 of Billboard and in the top 30 of the British chart. This year the band will go on world tours, where songs will be played in new versions. Kyiv was very lucky to be in the tight schedule of Evanescence.


1. Sing Wake me up inside.

2. Feel I want to stay in love with my sorrow.

3. Share with everyone held your hand through all of these years.



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