Chelsea Wolfe released new album – Birth of Violence

Chelsea Wolfe, American princess of gothic folk metal, released new album last Friday, September 13th.

World critics already shared their opinions. And I’m here to share their opinions with you.

Birth of Violence is an album full of earthly and ethereal wonder. Wolfe strays away from the metal elements found in past works, embracing her interest in folk and rock. The music carries the listener throughout each track, making for a meditative experience. With Birth of Violence, Chelsea Wolfe offers a compelling work brimming with emotion and dreamy wonder.

Consequence of Sound

Another triumph,  Birth of Violence is a potent – if hushed – reminder that Wolfe’s intensity never wavers, no matter how she expresses it.


This is the work of a brilliant artist who is singular in both talent and vision


Birth of Violence is more stripped-down and beautifully fragile. It’s an intensely personal and ineffably poetic piece of work that translates Wolfe’s growth and awakening as a woman.

Far Out

The average score on Metacritic 81/100 based on 11 reviews (September 16, 2019).

Some critics are notice that the sound of the album less “driving” and less “metal”, that’s why old fans of Chelsea Wolfe may not like it.

I’m not an expert, but after all the songs from the new album ( you can buy it on bandcamp), I realized that I agree with these critics. If you want some powerful energy, drama, then this album will not suit you. It feels like fairly monotonous, gentle fragile folk opus, with Chelsea’s soulful voice. And if there is drama in the album, then it is in the lyrics. In music, you can only hear a ringing winter night. Well, basically the end of the album underlines its mood. The record of rain and thunder. And it’s titled The Storm.

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