Gothica Magazine Music Awards 2020 – Best Album

The editors and our music experts summed up the results of 2020 and chose the best longplay release of this “plague” year.

So, according to the editors of Gothica magazine, it became the best album of 2020

Ulver – Flowers of Evil

Also, in the TOP-7, we want to highlight this albums:

2. Einstürzende Neubauten – Alles In Allem

3. King Dude – Full Virgo Moon

4. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows – Island Of The Dead

5. Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

6. Paradise Lost – Obsidian

7. This Eternal Decay – Silence

All long list Gothica Music Awards 2020 – “Best Album”

Einstürzende Neubauten – Alles In Allem

Draconian – Under a Godless Veil

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts VI: Locusts

Paradise Lost – Obsidian

Soft Kill – Dead Kids R.I.P. City

On Thorns I Lay – Threnos

The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds

Angellore – Rien ne Devait Mourir

Katatonia – City Burials

Delain – Apocalypse & Chill

Dool – Summerland

Jaye Jayle – Prisyn

Seven Spires – Emerald Seas

Fearing – Shadow

Deathwhite – Grave Image

Me And That Man – New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol. 1

Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

A.A. Williams – Forever Blue

My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion

Orville Peck – Show Pony

Nightwish – HUMAN. :II: NATURE

Diorama – Tiny Missing Fragments

Smoke Fairies – Darkness Brings The Wonders Home

Black Nail Cabaret – Gods Verging on Sanity

William Basinski – Lamentations

Nick Cave – Idiot Prayer

Saltatio Mortis – Fur immer fre

Welle:Erdball – Engelstrompeten & Teufelsposaunen

Mono Inc. – The Sound of the Raven

Die Arzte – Hell

Astari Nite – Here Lies

Lustmord – TRINITY

Soman – Global

Rave The Reqviem – Stigmata Itch

I Miss My Death – Mysto

Cabaret Voltaire – Shadow of Fear

Ah Cama-Sotz – New Skin for Old Tribals

KMFDM – In Dub

Hatari – Neyslutrans

Blue Stahli – Copper

Desiderii Marginis – Departed

Heimataerde – Eigengrab

Danheim – Skapanir

Clan Of Xymox – Spider On The Wall

Underground Fire – Ashes of Life

The Danse Society – Sailing Mirrors

Deep Tissue – Patience or Fear

King Dude – Full Virgo Moon

The Moon and the Nightspirit – Aether

Leaves Eyes – The Last Viking

Rosetta Stone – Cryptology

Angelspit – The Ignorance Cartel

Dive – Where Do We Go from Here?

In Extremo – Kompass zur Sonne

Assemblage 23 – Mourn

Rotersand – How Do You Feel Today

Absurd Minds – Sapta

Ulver – Flowers of Evil

Mono Inc. – The Book Of Fire

Placebo Effect – Shattered Souls

Snakeskin – Medusa’s Spell

Lustmord – Trinity

Amduscia – Existe

U96 & Wolfgang Flur – Transhuman

Eisfabrik – Kryothermalmusik Aus Der Eisfabrik

Rome – The Lone Furrow

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows – Island Of The Dead

Welle: Erdball – Engelstrompeten & Teufelsposaunen

Eisbrecher – Schicksalsmelodien

The Kentucky Vampires – Crimson Curse

Autumn Tears – The Air Below the Water

Lights Of Euphoria – Altered Voices

Молчат Дома – Монумент

Dool – Summerland

The House of Usher – Holyghost


Editor-in-chief / designer "Gothica Magazine"