The 28th issue of Gothica magazine has been published

We are happy to present you the 28th issue of the Gothica magazine. It took us almost 15 years since the first issue of the journal in 2006 to reach this milestone. This is the first time Gothica is published in English. In the future, we plan to publish the magazine in English on a regular basis.
The highlights of the 28th issue include:
  • the monumental material dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the British project – Attrition;
  • huge interview with the “granddaddies” of the New Zealand gothic scene – Disjecta Membra;
  • an interview with Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now / Cold Meat Industry) about his performance in Kiyv and his trip to Chornobyl;
  • the 10 years story of the industrial festivals Energy Open Air and Winter Energy under one cover: Raison D’être, Alien Vampires, A7ie, Stahlnebel & Black Selket, Larva, GunMaker, Severe Illusion, WormZ, Dolls of Pian, Schyzzo.Com, dj Terrorissmo;
  • continuation of our regular section “Fire Walk with Me” on the best fire theaters in the world. This time our guests were Pyroterra – an art group from the Czech Republic;
  • you can discover more about photography in an interview with Tessa’s Welten Fotografie.
German model Margot is featured on the cover of the journal issue. You can also enjoy photos of the US based model Cassandra Ann in our permanent column “Gothica Model”.
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