10th Anniversary To Lose My Life. White Lies celebrates the album’s birthday with a new single.

Suddenly, the British band White Lies reminded us that 10 years ago was released their debut LP To Lose My Life. Despite mixed reviews from critics, it broke into the UK Albums Chart and become number 1. A good reminder of this date is the release of the new single Hurt My Heart and also the opening of pre-orders for the special edition of To Lose My Life band’s official website.

For me personally, this is a very special band. My conscious passion for the genre, knew nothing about at that moment, raised because of White Lies. That genre was post-punk. Well actually according to Wikipedia, the genre of band’s music is post-punk revival. It’s some kind of new wave of post-punk that arose with the beginning of the new millennium. More precisely, at the edge of the 90s and 2000s. But still…

But even that time, not realizing what kind of music it is, not knowing any other artists in this genre and not being really proficient with various genres (although I’m still not really… so what). Even those times, I knew that the deep, clean baritone of Harry McVeigh, who is singing to me that we will “die at the same time ”, but with a positive addition of “Let’s grow old together”… I knew that this voice I will listen for a very, very long time. I liked all the tracks from the first album. I liked lyrics, I liked music. I could walk through the February city, where all the transport stopped, drowning knee-deep in the snow, trying not to go out onto the roadway. Trying to breathe when a blizzard was pressing on my chest, I could listen to To Lose My Life and Farewell to the fairground and feel happy.

Since then, I have not missed a single White Lies album. Surprisingly, with each disc, with each experiment in sound, they were felt in harmony with my world attitude.

Now the band has 400 thousand followers on Facebook. They are famous, successful and coming to Kiev on September 29th, where I will be happy to see and hear them live. And I advise you to join me.

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