Skinny Puppy founder to release 5th solo album

Skinny Puppy co-founder cEvin Key is releasing his 5th solo album, “Xwayxway”, on February 19th via Artoffact Records. “Xwayxway” (anglicized as “Whoi Whoi”) is an indigenous village located in what is now Stanley Park in Key’s hometwon of Vancouver.

Key: “I was surprised to hear only recently of a 3,000 year old village which stood on the spot of Lumbermen’s Arch, its history erased. This instantly explained the many enigmatic sensations, profound feelings, and visions I’ve had in the park. I am saddened by the story of Xwayxway. I truly believe this is something we should have been taught in schools so people would recognize the park sits on Salish land which to this day has never been ceded. Perhaps that is why no one mentions it, or its secret mysteries contained within. [Skinny Puppy’s 1990 album] ‘Too Dark Park’ refers to this park, and I feel that title to now be an only more appropriate reference, given its dark history. I have an immense love for the forest in the park. It can speak. I could feel this inspiration deeply. I dedicate this album to the spirits of Xwayxway.”

You can stream the new single “Night Flower” from “Xwayxway”, featuring guest vocals by Edward KaSpel of The Legendary Pink Dots (and a longtime collaborator of Key’s in the band The Tear Garden) right below.

Musical guests include Edward KaSpel, IAMX, Traz Damji, Soriah, Otto von Schirach, Dre Robinson, Guilherme Pires, Omar Torres and Eric In Quantum.


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